Shoes, Horns, Skins!

by - Sunday, January 20, 2013

I was very productive last night and got a ton of blog pictures done, now I just need to get them up here so you can check out all the goodies.

First up - shoes. Nzuri is back and the first new release is mesh shoes that are super cute. The Sysy Pumps come in Glitter (shiny!!!!) and Leather versions and the colours are just yummy. If you are a shoe person, check these out!

There's new horns out at The Plastik. The Renne Horns are big and bold and just fabulous. With two versions, you can change the pattern of the ribbons or the colour using the included HUDs.

The Valus Horns curl around the ears and also come with the HUDs to change ribbon colour or pattern. These horns are perfect if you are a role player or after a fantasy look.

Mag<3.B. is a new skin store for me, but I think they are so pretty and uber-adorable and worth checking out if you want a glamorous look. Above is Nicole - So Chic. A - Glam lips. B - Nude lips.

The skins come with standard, cleavage, freckles and freckles with cleavage options. Above is Nicole - So Colourful. A - Orange & Mint. B - Rich Pink.

And lastly Nicole - Day & Night. A - Day. B - Night. I'm not an expert on skins, but I know what I like and what looks cute on me. After all, isn't that what your avatar is all about? Give Nicole a test run and see if you like it too.

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