Glam Petal Apples

by - Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Just when you think Glam Affair can't push the skin envelope any higher, they do...and in spectacular fashion too! They have teamed up with Soleil Reid from Dead Apples to create a range of special Amberly skins that are totally amazeballs!!!

If you are in the Glam Affair Update Group, you can start you love affair with the new range with the gift of Melodia. If not, its only $30 to join and soooo worth it!

The new range comes in a special skin tone called Petal, which is a gorgeous pale tone that works beautifully with windlight settings.

It comes with blonde, dark and red brows so whatever your chosen hair colour, you can wear these yummy skins.

I'm just in awe of the talent and creativity that has gone into these skins. The colours are so rich and vibrant and I just love them!

You seriously need to get your pixel butts over to Glam Affair now and grab up the demos and try resisting the allure of the Dead Apple Amberly skins.

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