Love Donna Flora 1

by - Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You would have to be have been living under a rock not to have heard of either Donna Flora or the Love Donna Flora event that is about to open soon. Quinternet Larnia is a legend in the world of SL designers and we're all pitching in to help raise money for her medical expenses and nursing care. This event runs from July 25th to August 11th.

Miamai - Giulia dress in 4 fabulous fabric choices.
oOo Studio - Premiere Pose Prop with poses for her, him and them!

!:Lybra:! - Flora Dress (main) and Primrose (inset) both available in three colours
oOo Studio pose used.

!:Lybra:! - Jacinthe Dress available in three colours.
oOo Studio pose used

Romance Couture - Selina Copper Gown (main) and Fierce Glam (inset)

Luxuria - Rosa Lingerie and Rosa Underbust Corset (sold seperately)
mien - Charming Poses (six in total)

Spyralle - Hopeweaver in two versions. Basic (inset) which comes with one top and skirt option or Deluxe (main) which comes with three top and skirt options.

Lark - Eva Bustier in two colour choices, Sweet Girl Leggings in three fabric choices and Fabric Antlers. Shorts my own - those leggings are see through lace.

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