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by - Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Love Donna Flora opens tonight at since its still a couple of hours away, I can't give out the URL yet, but I can show you a few more of the goodies waiting there for you. Rumour has it there is an aggressive script counter that will eject those who are over-scripted, so strip down to the bare minimums and enjoy this wonderful event.

Lacuna - Racey Dress available in four colour choices with two versions in each pack.

GizzA Creations - Yeriak Gown (I forgot I was wearing my GOS shoes, so that's why the stockings look funny!)

Liv-Glam - Catherine Outfit in two fabric choices.

Klepsydra - Georgia Dress available in four colour choices.

Vanity House of Design - Eternal Hope Wedding Gown

Vanity House of Design - Pink Leopard Pinup Girl Esemble (left) and Pink Corset and Jeans (right)

Bellydance Goddess - Kareemah

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