Countdown to Awesomeness!

by - Saturday, April 12, 2014

If you are a role play or fantasy fanatic, or maybe you just love dressing up on occasion, run on in to The Countdown Room before time runs out and you miss some great bargains from some of the grid's awesome role play creators!

Mishima Mask and Haloback from May's Soul - there are two mask versions, open (above) and closed (below).  Both versions come in the same pack.

Sold seperately, the masks and haloback come in three metal finishes - gold, silver and black.  These are just gorgeous!

Veined Camisk from Silk Worms - available in four colours, there are also big boobie and butt versions included in each pack.

Cora from Faida - this gorgeous mesh camisk is available in four yummy colours and you'll look so sexy wearing it.

Raella from Luas - this gorgeous gown is available in six vibrant colours and is accented by the wide gold belt around the middle.  It also comes with the armbands and bangles (not shown).

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