Fifty Linden Plastik

by - Friday, April 11, 2014

The Plastik is taking part in Fifty Linden Fridays today with two awesome packs full of so much for so little!

Adasia and Light Horns Pack 

This comes with the super cute Adasia Top in all standard mesh sizes, Foxxe Makeups in seven stunning eyeshadows and the Living Light Horns in twelve awesome versions...all for $50L!!!

Flourish Pack

Omg sooo much in this that it had to be chopped up into two packs with in it!  Its chock full of dresses, shoes/boots, accessories, makeups...and all for $50L.  Above - Devaya Dress (five versions included in all mesh sizes), Krysis Hippie Bracelet, Krysis Chain Necklace.

Cailin Dress (six versions included in all mesh sizes), Krysis Cord Necklace (three lengths included), Krysis Bracelets (two versions included).

August Top, Galatea Leggings and Krysis Bellyring (three versions included).

Viviana Dress.  All pictures also featured the Astrali Eyeshadows (seven included).

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