I'll Be Your Fantasy

by - Friday, April 04, 2014

Time to break out your role playing self and bounce on into the Fantasy Room for the April round, which is just jam packed of goodies sure to have you in raptures!

Edrielle set (belt, necklace and headdress) available in four colours from Luas

The Savage Berry available in four colours from OrsiniSun (pasties from Sn@tch)

Auraya Gown available in four colours from Teriotrope with the Daisy Headband from Persefone

Ines Violet outfit from Velvet Whip

Sakura Dress available in five colours from Candy Cyanide with the Daisy's Wreath from Persefona

Tauriel Tunic and Boots (sold seperately) from Les Enchantades

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