Indulging My Fantasy Life

by - Friday, April 04, 2014

Role Playing events have exploded across the grid lately and they are chock full of so many goodies, that even if role playing is not your thing, there will be something there - clothing, jewellry, poses - that will ring your bell.  Here are some goodies from several events either currently going on, or opening soon!

First up are some goodies from The Secret Affair - opening April 6th.

Majestic Chain, available in four metals and Playing With Dragons, gacha with two rares and eight commons from May's Soul.

Qarth Lady Gown (comes with belt and jewels), available in a ton of stunning colours and Lady of High Garden gacha items - headpiece, shoulders, bracers and handpieces from Aisling.

Shae Gown from !gO! and Loviisa Circlet (gacha item) from Zibska.

Savage Spring Armour - Crown and Shoulder Pads from Sweet Lies Designs at The Fantasy Room.

Moon Jewellry (necklace and bracers) at The Fantasy Room and Moon Staff at We <3 Role Play from May's Soul.

Hybrid Outfit, available in a variety of colours from Peqe at We <3 Role Play.

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