New Amacci Hair

by - Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Time for part two of my Amacci post...this time it's HAIR!!!!  Gorgeous, glamorous hair!  Once again I have used the new Zenith Mesh Eyes in this post.  You really need to check them out!

Maria - A lovely swept back updo that comes with three flower versions (I wore them all!), hairbases and a HUD that gives you 15 colour options for them!

Caryn - A gorgeous style that includes hair, neck and wrist flowers, hairbases and a HUD for changing the colours.

Misty - Another gorgeous style with three flower version (I wore them all again!), hairbases and the HUD with 15 colour choices for them!

Isla - A classy swirled updo with orchids.  Comes with hairbases and a HUD with 15 choices of flower colour.

Klara - Comes with hairbases and a HUD with 12 band texture choices.

Mexi - This swept back style comes with hairbases.

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