It's almost time for the next round of The Arcade, so I'm starting out by showing off the skins and hairs you can add to your collections that you can play for when the doors open June 1st.

Elsie Skins from Pink Fuel - with two lid options and lots of brow colours, you can add some yum to your skin collection with this stunning skin.  There's a lipstick rare to play for as well.  Applier for mesh body parts are available at the mainstore.  The Ring Necklace (red) from Epia is another awesome thing to play for at The Arcade.  Hair - Iris from DeLa.

Vivi's Makeup Recipe from VCO - there are 12 stunning skins and some extras to play for as well and with no rares, this will be a fun play that won't drive you crazy!  Recipe 02 and 05 feature the Vivi Mesh Lips 01.  Spike Collar (pink) from Epia.  Hair - Daisy from Mina.

Eniko from The Skinnery - there are 5 makeups (one rare) with 4 skin tones in each and a pack of addons to play for in this awesome new skin.  Spike Collar (black) from Epia.  Hair - Seri from Argrace.

Gilda and Daramis from Truth - with nine colour packs to play for (2 rares) and bow/flower add on, these are gorgeous hairs you are sure to love!
Twist and Shout from Exile - both hairs are included in the 10 colour packs you will be playing for, so if big hair is your thing, get ready to play for these ones!

Tia and Accessories from Tableau Vivant - play for the hair and accessories and you will look fabulous no matter what your mood.  Also wearing the Temptation Corsets (Light and Dark) from Pixicat.

Sweetpea Hairs from Olive & Paloma - bring out your inner princess when you play this gacha and collect not just these awesome hairs, but more princess inspired accessories.
Summertime Sweetheart from Clawtooth - play for two styles, with or without bangs, and add these gorgeous hairs to your collection.  They include the daisy chain wreath too.

Melody and Muse from Spellbound - two stunning styles, 3 colour packs to play for as well as accessory HUDs.

Belleza has another new gorgeous skin release to beautify your avi and the whole of SL as you wear it.  Grab a demo and fall in love with Amelia.

Amelia comes in all the skin tones - Pale, Fair, Medium, Sunkissed, Tan, Deep Tan and Mocha.  Skin - Amelia 08 with 01 Gloss Lips.  Hair - Nightingale from Little Bones.

There are 10 gorgeous new makeups and this time the brows are on a separate tattoo layer with six colours in total.

Included as well are hairbases, cleavage layers, freckles, blush and lipsticks in matte and gloss versions.  Hair - Miles to Go from Exile.

Just a super quick post today with a gorgeous neck tattoo to look forward to from White Widow, and a gorgeous lingerie set from Blacklace, available at a special price.

Unfriended tattoo from White Widow - this adorable star tattoo adds a gorgeous touch to the back of the neck and upper back.  It is coming to the Inspiration event, opening June 10th and with the theme of Rhianna.  Hair - Girl 49 from Dura.  Skin - Isla from League.

Vanna Lingerie from Blacklace - a gorgeous TGIF this week comprising of a bra and pantie set with six gorgeous colours included.  Hair - Lessons from Magika.  Skin - Isla from League.

Just a quick post before I crawl into my toasty warm bed which is perfect on these freezing cold nights I've been getting lately!

Revisit a classic gorgeous skin during the next round of Uber (opening soon) and fall in love again with Claudia from Belleza.

Available in three skin tones - Sunkissed, Tan and Dark Tan - these eight new makeups are just yummy and you'll love them!

All the usual extras are included - lipsticks in matte and gloss, hairbases, cleavage layers and moles.  This is one release that has me cursing "MEDIUM!!!!!!" cos it's one of my favourite skins!

Babs from Tableau Vivant - a sassy and cute style at a fabulous price out now at My Attic.  Skin - Sia Nostalgia Blue from Glam Affair.

Joy Racerback Tank and Joy Fringed Skirt from GizzA Creations - these sexy seperates look amazing together and will look just as good if you team them up with other items in your wardrobe.  The tanks can be worn with or without the included bra.  Skin - Sia 04 Maitreya Exclusive from Glam Affair.  Hair - Akane from Argrace.

Joy Racerback Tank and Joy Fringed Skirt from GizzA Creations - the tanks come in two versions - cotton (top) and silk (above) - and each one includes a colour changing HUD.  The Skirts have three versions - leather, denim black and denim blue.  Skin - Sia 04 Maitreya Exclusive from Glam Affair.  Hair - Haku from Argrace.

Just a quicky tonight with some awesome stuff waiting for you to swoop in and snap it up!  Be sure to check these great releases soon!

DEkini from DE Designs - perfect for hitting the beach is this sexy new bikini that comes in two versions - patterned and solids - with five colours in each set.  Grab your fave or buy the multipack and save big.  Skin - Luna Simply Girl from Glam Affair with Sweetlips 02 from PXL.  Hair - Elvira from Mina.

Elfy from Peqe - bring out your inner elf girl with this sexy dress, available in six colours at The Fantasy Collective now.  Skin - Luna Simply Girl from Glam Affair with Sweetlips 02 from PXL.   Hair - Feline from Little Bones.

Gentleman's Club from Rack Poses - it's a pose that is definitely a little naughty, especially when he is trying to relax after a long day by reading the newspaper (which is included).  Grab it now at The Liaison Collaborative.

Shiny Shabby opens tomorrow and it's full of awesome goodies to freshen up your wardrobe, home and self.  Have fun shopping up a storm!

A - Noah hair from Elua.  Skin - Tess from Belleza
B - Mia hair from D!va.  Skin - Tess from Belleza.
C - Tessa hair from D!va.  Skin - Tess from Belleza.

A - Myrtle hair from Mina.  Skin - Tess from Belleza.
B - Hair 66 from Eater's Coma (two versions included in pack).  Skin - Tess from Belleza.

A - Dorothy Shirt from E-clipse.  Skin - Katya from Glam Affair.  Hair - Viper from Rezology.
B - Flash Cami Top from Rebel Girl.  Skin - Sia from Glam Affair.  Hair - Lucid from Rezology.

A - Gioia from Les Petits Details.  Skin - Katya from Glam Affair.  Hair - Verinne from Truth.
B - Have You Forgotten Dress from Valentine E.  Skin - Katya from Glam Affair.  Hair - Azami from Argrace.
C - Chloe Dress from sYs (two versions in pack).  Skin - Katya from Glam Affair.  Hair - Locket from Rezology.

It's just a few more days until the next round of Shiny Shabby opens, and today I have a few previews of some more goodies waiting to add to your inventory, as well as the latest awesome special from Blacklace.

Cathy Blazer Dress from GizzA Creations - a simple white dress worn with a stunning blazer is a smart and classic look for the season.  Look for this at Shiny Shabby, opening May 20th.  Skin - Grazia from Glam Affair.  Hair - Perique from Rezology.

Fresh hair from Tableau Vivant - if you like big bed hair, then this is the style for you.  It has the frizzy chic colour menu and will give you a hot Spring boho look.  You'll find this also at Shiny Shabby....soon.  Skin - Grazia from Glam Affair.

Gawdess Dress from Peqe - bring out your inner gawdess with this stunning gown, available in a choice of colours.  Look for it at Shiny Shabby as well.  Skin - Grazia from Glam Affair.  Hair - Sphinx from Rezology.

Charlie Bikini from Blacklace - and lastly, but not least...this week's TGIF is a special bronze edition of a stunning bikini sure to add dazzle at the beaches and poolsides around the grid this Summer.  Skin - Grazia from Glam Affair.  Hair - Europa from Rezology.

Just a quick twosome of goodies today from two great events dotting the on now and one coming soon.

Midnight in Paris tattoo from White Widow - its another stunning tattoo for the ladies with appliers for the mesh bodies or system layers so you can look amazing.  It has a thigh garter tattoo, arm sleeves and decorates the decolletage...

...and it looks even more amazing from the back!  Look for this at the May round of Shiny Shabby, opening soon!  Skin - Katra Miami Lights 09 from Glam Affair.  Hair Upshaw from Tableau Vivant.

Dis Robe II from Peqe - a gorgeous open robe available in six colours with detailing around the wrists, this is a great addition to your wardrobe.  You will find it at The Secret Affair.  Skin - Katra Miami Lights 09 from Glam Affair with Sweetlips 02 from PXL.  Hair Breeze from Tableau Vivant.

Dis Robe from Peqe - or go for the closed version, also available in six colours and decorated around the wrists and hemline.  It is also at The Secret Affair.  Skin - Katra Miami Lights 09 from Glam Affair with Sweetlips 02 from PXL.  Hair - Harukaze from Tableau Vivant.

I'm chock full of fabulousness from May's Soul and Tentacio today with all the goodies they have around the grid at a couple of really awesome events, so if you haven't been checking them out, you need to get your skates on and hop to it!

Desdemona Gothic Queen (ultra-rare) from May's Soul & Antielle - this is the ultra rare and it comes with mesh head with emotion HUD, eyes with colour change HUD, skin, shape, lashes, elven ears, crown with rose colour change HUD, choker, piercings and appliers for Omega and Slink hands/feet.  You need to go play for these awesome mesh heads at The Fantasy Gacha now.  Hair Princess from Wasabi Pills.  

Desdemona Tiffany (rare) from May's Soul & Antielle - there are three rares that come with the mesh head, skin, shape, appliers for Omega and Slink hands/feet, eyes with colour HUD, lashes, emotion HUD, crown and elven ears. Hair - Ivette from Wasabi Pills.

Desdemona Nia Priestess (common) from May's Soul & Antielle - there are nine commons that come with the mesh head, skin, shape, lashes, eyes and appliers for Omega and Slink hands/feet.  Hair - Lory from Wasabi Pills.

Isabella Sweater and Dorayaki Chocolate from Tentacio - this adorable sweater comes in five colours and is comfy and cosy with just a touch of sexy.  Team it up with your fave jeans and you will look amazing.  You'll find the sweaters at Kustom 9 and the Dorayaki items at The Kawaii Project now.  Skin - Lola from Belleza.  Hair - Bexley from Truth.

Just another quick snap of another Isabella Sweater and bag of Dorayaki from Tentacio.  Skin - Lola from Belleza.  Hair - Bexley from Truth.

There's just so much on right now and so many awesome new releases at mainstores (hazzah) and events.  Be sure to check them out and have fun indulging your shopping fetish as much as I do!

Gentle Chain from Haste - a super sexy chained necklace that sneaks under the arms and around the back.  It's available in five metals at The Liaison Collaborative.  Skin - Eva from Belleza.  Hair - Akane from Argrace.

Moth from !gO! - a swirl of fabric caressing your curves, you will find all sorts of uses for this sexy little something.  Its available in a selection of colours at The Secret Affair.  Skin - Eva from Belleza with Sweetlips 01 from Pxl.  Hair - Windsong from Exile.

Marina Top and Marina Pants (sold seperately) from !gO! - hit the high seas in this cute little outfit of high waisted pants and revealing little top, which comes with two tie options.  Skin - Eva from Belleza with Sweetlips 02 from Pxl.  Hair - Darcy from Elikatira.

Carley Shorts from DE Designs - fitted for Belleza, Slink and Maitreya bodies ONLY, these adorable little shorts come in two fabric choices - leather and fabric - with three colours in each one and a HUD to play with the belt colours.  Skin - Eva from Belleza.  Hair - Haze from Lamb.

Amalia Dress from GizzA Creations - a flirty and cute leather dress just perfect for Spring, it comes in eight packs including two colours in each one, or snap up the fatpack.  Skin - Eva from Belleza with Sweetlips 02 from Pxl.  Hair - Malea from Truth.

Eye Makeups and Nails from The Wicked Peach - the Cherry Picnic nail appliers includes six cherry inspired nail polishes for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink fingers and feet, and can be found at The Kawaii Project.  And you will find all the makeup packs at The Cosmetics Fair.  Skin - Eva from Belleza.  Hair - Haze from Lamb.

Its Fantasy Gacha time again and !gO! has three amazing sets there to play for...with versions for men and women.  Here's the three women's versions.

Drow Girl - comprising of three parts, this set is gorgeous for frolicking in the forest with your baby uniQrn from Culprit.  Skin - Neva Horror Edition 4 from Glam Affair.  Hair - Namiriel from Tableau Vivant.

Forest Elf Girl - another adorable set for dancing in the forest with the uniQrns.  There are three pieces in each set to play for.  Skin - Polar in Red Ice from Glam Affair with Sweetlips from PXL.  Hair - Harukaze from Tableau Vivant.

Homo Sapiens - bring out your inner cavegirl and go club some men in this stunning set comprising of two pieces.  Skin - Sia 04 Maitreya Exclusive from Glam Affair.  Hair - The End from Tableau Vivant with Hairbase from White Widow.

Two awesome events are about to open (so no URLs just yet sorry) and here are a couple of previews of fabulousness you will find there waiting for you.

Dark Shadows tattoo from White Widow - a stunning tattoo for your neck and upper back coming to The Cosmetics Fair, running May 15th - 31st.  Hair - Boys&Girls55 from Dura with Japan Flowers Hairbase from White Widow.

Nightshade 5 pose from Infiniti - a gorgeous pose with dark petals coming soon to The Fantasy Gacha.  There are 10 commons to collect.  Skin - Sia 01 Maitreya Exclusive from Glam Affair.  Hair - Saki from Argrace.  

Nightshade rare pose from Infiniti - and there is also one super stunning rare pose to play for too.  Skin - Sia 01 Maitreya Exclusive from Glam Affair.  Hair - Akane from Argrace. 

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