Bring out your inner Jedi with some awesome poses from Poseidon that she can rock just as fabulously as he can!  All poses are sold separately as well as in sets of six, and they include the props too, so no need to hunt around for them.

StarPose Series Two - Talon

StarPose Series One - Boba

Ducknipple has released some gorgeous outfits sure to add some colour and comfort into your winter season.  They are always great for mixing and matching, and great value!

WTSL Outfit includes vest with sweater, boots, bracelets and tights (not mesh body compatible so not worn).  I missed it at Winter Trend, but that's ok, it's available on Marketplace and instore now.
Frosty Snowman from Vespertine at The Arcade.  

Outfit 1 includes vest, pants, sneakers, scarf, bracelets, necklace and five colour HUD for the tank top.  Snap this great outfit up now at Frost!  
Winter Foxes from The Secret Store at The Arcade.

Outfit II includes dress, scarf, socks and shoes, and can also be found at Frost.   
Winter Bench from What Next at The Arcade.
What's in the Box (gift) from Xin at The Arcade.
Angel Deer Mouse and Vixen Deer Mouse from Schadenfreude at The Arcade.
Washbasin Planter and Hedge from Trompe Loeil at The Arcade.
Drop Vases from Aisling at The Arcade.

If you have a mesh body and just adore sexy lingerie, then you have to know about Glitzz by now!  It's one of my favourite places to grab stuff to not only thrill my partner, but to look amazing in too!  Here's just a couple of the new releases from this fabulous store.

Passion - this gorgeous set is waiting for you to find it as part of the Christmas Desires Hunt, so get hunting through the Glitzz store for it now! 
Hair - Starry Night Windy from Tableau Vivant
Skin - Lola from Belleza

Simplicity - a cute lingerie set in six colours, out now at anyBODY.
Hair - Starry Night Side Pony from Tableau Vivant
Skin - Mimi from Belleza

Syndra Outfit - a sexy winter look with three options - jumpsuit, bodysuit or body + jumpsuit (worn above) - with snow angel wings and fur headdress (not worn), out now at Frost.
Hair - Starry Night Blowing from Tableau Vivant
Skin - Ava from Belleza

!gO! has some of the cutest clothing on the grid, with gorgeous textures, great mix and match options and just adorable designs sure to be a hit with you this winter season.  Check them out, and also don't forget the latest round of The Arcade is still on and it's full of fabulous winter goodies too!

Alina Jacket and Alina Skirt from !gO!
Snow Friends from Sway's at The Arcade
Hair - Burnadette from Truth
Skin - Emma from Glam Affair

Collette Coat from !gO!
Snowman, Mailbox and Bike Decor from What Next at The Arcade
Hair - Burnadette from Truth
Skin - Emma from Glam Affair

Kaja Sweatshirt and Kaja Leggings from !gO!
Tote, Coffee and Shades from Flite at The Arcade
Hair - Sicily from Truth
Skin - Emma from Glam Affair

Tosia Top and Tosia Skirt from !gO!
Doves from Anc Ltd at The Arcade
Hair - Sicily from Truth
Skin - Emma from Glam Affair

I'm catching up on some event blogging again whilst showing off some awesome new hair you will not be able to live without!

Cristal Hair from Tableau Vivant - out now at Collabor88
Psycho Tattoo from White Widow - out now at Cosmopolitan
Suede boots from Mon Cheri - so many colours to play for at The Arcade

Champagne Hair from Tableau Vivant - out now at Collabor88
Honey Decor Phone from VCO - play for the range of awesome cell phones at The Arcade
French Bulldog from OMEN - you will find this cute friend waiting for you under the tree at The Arcade

Avery Hair from Tableau Vivant - out now at We <3 Role Play
Fleur D'hiver from Lode - play for this in a range of colours at The Arcade

I love sexy bodysuits and applier clothing cos they just look so super yum and perfect mesh bodies, and two of my favourite stores to find these in are Glitzz and Supernatural!  Here are a couple of the recent releases from both stores that you will find at events on now!

Eliza Sensual Bodysuit from Glitzz - available in black and white and with appliers for mesh bodies, you can grab this now at Winter Trend.  Hair - Starry Night Sidetail from Tableau Vivant.  Skin - Jamie from Belleza.

Bad Intention from Glitzz - a gorgeous mesh body compatible dress, horns, crown, necklace, bracelets, earrings and tail....this is the perfect outfit for the lady who has very bad intentions.  It's waiting for you at Totally Top Shelf.  Hair - Solstice from Truth.  Skin - Jamie from Belleza.

Angie Bodysuit from Supernatural - gotta love a sexy bodysuit!  This comes in a range of colours at Kinky Monthly.  Hair - Josette from Truth.  Skin - Jamie from Belleza.

Selene from Supernatural - perfect for the warrior goddess, this outfit will become a favourite!  It's out now at Totally Top Shelf.  Sword, urn and statue from Madpea at The Arcade.   Hair - Ishya from Truth.  Jamie from Belleza.

If tattoos are your thing, then White Widow is the store for you!  Intricate, delicate, sexy and just yummy, these are more than just skin adornment, it's art!

Deadman Tattoo - available in three colours, out now at Shiny Shabby.
Hair - Starry Night Windy from Tableau Vivant.
Skin - Amber from Belleza.

Disclosure Tattoo - look for it December 5th at We <3 Role Play.
Hair - Starry Night Windy from Tableau Vivant.
Skin - Amber from Belleza.

Breathless Tattoo - you will be hunting for this unisex tattoo in the We <3 Hunt.
Hair - Starry Night Updo from Tableau Vivant.
Skin - Amber from Belleza.

Creed Tattoo - another awesome to hunt for as part of the Peace on Earth Hunt.
Hair - Starry Night Ponytail from Tableau Vivant.
Skin - Amber from Belleza.

Feels like forever since I have caught up with my normal, everyday blogging of fabulousness!  So here with go with six great releases from three awesome stores!

Like free stuff?  Then tis the season for you to indulge your desire for more when you grab the Advent goodies under the tree at !gO!.  Every day there is a new gift to collect up until Christmas.  Above is day one's gift sweater.  Hair - Kiki from Elikatira.  Skin - Rie from Lara Hurley.

And there is gifts for him too!  All you have to do is join the !gO! inworld group (there is a 50L join fee) and every day check back and click the new gift and claim your Advent goodie!  Above is day two's gift shirt.  Hair - Kiki from Elikatira.  Skin - Rie from Lara Hurley.

Debbie Dress from DE Designs - available, in eight colours, this gorgeous dress comes in mesh body compatible sizes and includes a plain and lace detail version.  Hair - Quinn from Elikatira.  Skin - Rie from Lara Hurley.

Ellie Top from DE Designs - a gorgeous fitted top in two fabric options, each with eight colours available, this is a top that looks good with jeans or a sexy skirt,  Hair - Brenna from Elikatira.  Skin - Rie from Lara Hurley.

Isabel Leather Top, Isabel Pants and Fur Stole from GizzA Creations - elegant and sexy, this ensemble comes in a range of stunning colours and looks fabulous.  Look for it at Winter Trend soon.  Hair - Memoir from Elikatira.  Skin - Rie from Lara Hurley.

London Coat and London Boots from GizzA Creations - warm and cosy for this time of year, this fantastic coat comes in packs of two colours (and there is a male version too) and worn with the matching boots, also available, in packs of two colours,  Hair - Darcy from Elikatira.  Skin - Rie from Lara Hurley.

The Arcade has opened it's doors with great new gacha goodies for you to go crazy trying to collect!  Here's just a few goodies to whet your appetite and get you excited about this awesome event.

Charming Christmas Dress (rare) from Moon Amore+Cureless
Starry Night Windy hair from Tableau Vivant
Starry Night Sparkles from Tableau Vivant
Skin - Rei from Lara Hurley

Charming Christmas Dress from Moon Amore+Cureless
Starry Night Side Tail hair from Tableau Vivant
Starry Night Stars from Tableau Vivant
Skin - Rei from Lara Hurley

Ballerina Dress from Pixicat
Starry Night Updo hair from Tableau Vivant
Skin - Rei from Lara Hurley

L'odeur du Cuir Bunny Mask, Corset, Bracelet, Necklace and Leg Strap from Enfant Terrible
Hair - Yodi Attachment from Baiastice
Skin - Rei from Lara Hurley

Belleza has just released two gorgeous new skins to beautify yourself with.  And don't forget the awesome Skin Addiction Black Friday Sale going on instore until Nov 29th which has four fabulous Belleza skins on sale for 50% off!  Just be in the Skin Addiction group, wear your tag and when you buy the skins, you will receive 50% of the purchase price back.

Jaime - grab your demos and fall in love with this great skin, which you will find at Uber.

Jaime is available in four skin tones and four makeups and include hairbase, cleavage, gloss and matte lipsticks, as well as a male shading and dehancing layer.

Amber - Finally the full release of this delicious skin is out in store.  Look for it now, along with Logo Head Appliers which includes five makeups in four brow colours.

In all Belleza's scrummy tones, this skin has ten fabulous makeups and includes hairbases, brow colour options, cleavage and lipsticks in gloss and matte versions. 

Make sure you check out the demos and try to live without this gorgeous face in your SLife.

I'm getting my role play on tonight with some epic goodies from The Forge!  So if you enjoy your SL with a fantasy or RP twist, check out this awesome store and go gaga over the awesomeness just waiting there for you!

Chained Collar
Angel Wings
Angelic Staff - a gacha item out now at Kustom 9
Hair - Vanessa from Iconic @ Hairology

Valkyrie Armour
Hair - Libby from Elikatira @ Hairology

Chain Mail Vest
Diesel Mech Arm
Diesel Mech Earpiece
Belt Harness
Gorged Pauldron
Cerberus Compound Bow (worn on back)
Draeger Glaive (in hand)
Hair - Rebel from Truth

Strapped Harness
Stomach Belt
Operator's Headset
Barbed Bracers
Overkill Baller
Hair - Rebel from Truth

A new round of Enchantment has opened and this time they are taking you away to Never Neverland to play with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, or swim with the mermaids, or you can battle Captain Hook!  

Neverland Tattoo (front) from White Widow
Hair - Memory Bliss from Exile

Neverland Tattoo (back) from White Widow
Hair - Gloomy from Tableau Vivant

Sexy Wendy from Glitzz
Hair - Editorial Western from Tableau Vivant

Anita Armour from Una
Hair - Blown Away from Exile

Today I am getting my Supernatural on with some new awesomeness that you will find in some of the wonderful events going on right now!

Itzel Tatoo - out now at Gen Neutral
Adela Stockings - out now at anyBODY
Hair - Jezibelle from Pritty
Skin - Brooke from Belleza

Synastry Tattoo - out now at Gen Neutral
Hair - Jezibelle from Pritty
Skin - Tess from Belleza

Della Lingerie - out tomorrow at Kira Kira (no slurl yet sorry)
Zania Jewels from Glitzz
Hair - Jezibelle from Pritty
Skin - Grace from Belleza

Akemi Leggings - out now at The Thrift Shop
Hair - Jezibelle from Pritty
Skin - Ashley from Belleza

Anete Bodysuit - out now at Suicide Dollz
Hair - Jezibelle from Pritty
Skin - Ava from Belleza

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