There's a lot of newness from Emo-tions this week. Some you will find in the mainstore and some are at special events happening around the grid.

A gorgeous straight style, Valentina hangs down the back and moves beautifully. You need to wear a hairbase with it as the front has whisps hanging down over the eyes and a braid over the crown of the head holding the hair back.

There's a new dress in store too. Martha is great for medieval or wench role playing - or maybe you're like me and just think it's fabulous!

Alyssa is a perfect hair to wear with it. It has hair framing the face, then falls in soft waves down the back.

Mens Fashion Week is on and Emo-tions is there with the new and exclusive Matthew hair. It's super sexy and sure to be a hit with your guy! Check out a demo and see for yourself! I'm sorry I don't have a LM to this event.

And lastly, there's a huge event going on at The Deck at the moment. With the theme of Summers Abroad, it's running until March 31st with special items at a special price. Emo-tions has Robin, a super cute retro style you are sure to love! Check out the event and this hair before the event closes!

Glam Affair are FINALLY releasing Leah - a super stunning new skin you'll fall in love with and never want to take off. Look for her in store Tuesday March 20th!!!!!

Leah comes in the 5 gorgeous skin tones you know well - Dark (above), Light, Medium Tan, Natural and Tan.

There are 12 stunning makeups to try to choose between, or spoil yourself and grab a fatpack. You will not regret it! (above - Light)

Each individual skin does come with the "clean" makeup-less version so you can add makeup layers and make your own look. (above - Medium Tan)

Each one comes with bald/hairbase versions and 3 eyebrow options (dark/light/red), so you're getting a whole lot of bang for your buck when you buy Leah. (above - Natural)

And look out for the special Leah Makeup Packs (not photographed - yet). Inside is 3 freckle layers and 22 additional lipstick layers so you can change Leah's look to suit your mood or outfit!

Eyes - Utopia Hazel from IKON
Hair - Take It Off from Exile

Tomorrow is new release day at Emo-tions, and I know there will be a mad rush on this week to grab what Mirja is letting loose on the grid.

Aquaria is simply stunning. Whether you are a model, photographer, mermaid or just love statement hair, this one is for you. It has a fabulous sense of movement and will add so much to photos!

For the guys, there is also new stuff out for you! Previous hunt gifts, Bryon and Ralph are finally being released in store, so if you picked them up in a hunt and they weren't your shade, run on in and grab it tomorrow! And if you are in the Emo-tions Group, pick up this month's gift which is a beard for the guys....or if bearded ladies are your kink, get her to grab it too!

Tameless has also released some fabulous new hair and its another winner. Alma is a should length mass of curls that is just gorgeous. Use the easy peasy menu option to change colour and resize.

Or if you want a complete new look, the Alma Complete Avatar is out and comes with everything shown, plus an AO. You get the shape, skin in 4 tones, hair in blacks/white, mesh dress, boots, stockings, armwarmers, jewellry and lashes.

And just a quickie from FFL before I go. If you haven't grabbed the Will Mesh Boots from G Field yet, you are so missing out. There is two colours out - Sepia and Peach. The peach looks stunning with the gift of Maisie Lingerie you will find in the Sn@tch FFL store.

New Tees

T Junction has some awesome new tees out in store this week and they are bound to give you some laughs and have you looking good on the grid.

There's three tees full of 'tude for the ladies and sure to make your feelings known when you wear it.

You can find these on Marketplace if you want to send some to your friends, or pop on into the store to pick them up for yourself.

Whether you're buying for your friends, your SO or yourself, you will love T Junction tees!

And just a quick thank you to Lauren from T Junction who saw my last post and sent me this little present. Loving it!!!

There's so much awesome stuff out at the moment at Fashion For Life and also around the grid.

Eyes - Utopia Light Hazel from Ikon at FFL
Eye & Lip Makeups - Vintage Set from Blacklace Beauty
Necklace - Repetitor Necklace La Traviata from U&R Dogs

Lingerie - Sydney Lingerie from Sn@tch at FFL
Necklaces - Repetitor Necklaces Flaminio (left) and Ottava (right) from U&R Dogs

You can find different U&R Dogs necklaces at FFL, Fashionably Late and at their Mainstore.

Dare Designs is at Fashion For Life. Well known for its gothic, fetish, latex and retro clothing, it has stepped up and joined in this worthy cause. Here's some of the items on offer at the Dare Designs store at FFL.

Scorched - a sexy pink latex lingerie set with a burlesque feel to it.

FW11 - a sexy and comfy lingerie set with several options for how you wear it. This would be my personal fav!

Ophelia - a very sexy black lacey outfit you can wear anyway you like.

Dark December - With two short skirt versions and two long skirt versions, this is a very versatile and sexy outfit.

Joliette - Pants or skirt, bra top or crop top, the choice is super sexy and all yours.

The 2012 Fashion For Life event is on again raising money for the American Cancer Association. Covering 10 sims, this wonderful event runs from March 10th-20th with the theme - It's Time! Here's a preview of the donation items you will find at the Emo-tions store where 100% of the proceeds are going to the cause.

Domenica Hair - $300 minimum donation for the complete fatpack! The outfit is a previous release that you will find in the Emo-tions store - Red Zora.

Hera - Comes with two skirt versions, long and short, as well as a jewelled or plain collar. A $300 minimum donation will get you these gorgeous dresses.

Timeless Gown - exclusive for this event.

It's Time - Another exclusive for this event. It comes with the hair as well.

Last year there was a hunt going on at the Fashion For Life event, and it looks like there is another one this year too. Emo-tions has the uber-cute Thea Dress in white for you to find.

This event opens tomorrow, so I do not have a LM for you at this time. Be sure to support all the designers participating in this fabulous event.

Flux is back with another round of incredible, and different, items celebrating the macabre world of Victoriana and Taxidermy!

Skin - Taxidermy Vamp Tone from Adore&Abhor
Necklace - Melancholia Necklace from CoLLisions
Earrings - Serpentis Gauges from CoLLisions
Corset - Batty Mesh Corset from A Netherworld

A - The Rat Pack (bag) and Black Widow Ring from Bang Bang
B - Taxidermie Outfit from Casual Couture (contains Mesh parts)

Eyes from Banana Banshee
A - Blood
B - Darkness
C - Doom
D - Oblivion

Makeup Layers from Miss Shippe's Studio. A, B, and C come with a brow hiding makeup layer which can be tinted to match your skin tone, Eyes only, Lips only and Full Face versions.
A - Preserving Birds in Glass: Arsenic (Full version)
B - Preserving Birds in Glass: Dented Brass (Eyes only)
C - Preserving Birds in Glass: Laudanum (Full version)
D - Stay Pretty Forever

A - Raven Gown from Eclectic Firefly
B - Taxidermia Skin from Tacky Star

Once again its a preview for tomorrow's Emo-tions new releases.

First up is Ruby, a long, incredibly sexy curly style that is not only lovely, but it had fabulous movement and will look great when you're out dancing or just wandering around the grid.

There's also a hot new outfit release to look forward to as well - Nebula.

This uber-sexy leather outfit is a stunning addition to your role playing wardrobe. It comes with gloves and also a cape for an added little bit extra. It looks gorgeous with the Lyra hair which you will also find at Emo-tions.

T Junction is back with some great releases for both sexes. For the ladies - Punked and Love Kills Slowly.

Also for the ladies - Rockstar. It's the guys shirts that give me the giggles though and I'm sure you will get a giggle from them too.

I definately have my fingers crossed hoping they come out with a female version of the Stupid People shirt! I soooo need that one!

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