Culture Shock 2012 opens in a couple of days, and from what I have seen so far, it's going to kick butt! Proceeds from donation items will be going to Doctors Without Borders, so check out the fabulous items and feel guilt free about buying them as you are helping a great cause.

From 22769 (these are Mesh)
A - Tube Dress 60ies (100% donation item)
B - Tube Dress Moroccan Night

A - African Spring Top in Brown and Indian Blue Silk Skirt (both mesh)
B - Spring Top African Market (sculpted) and High Wasit Shorts (mesh)

From Somnia - Simple Tees (dark and light packs) and Button Flap Shorts

A - Passion Couture Dress from Shiki
B - Leather Halter Outfit (top mesh) from Razorblade Jacket

Byrn Sculpted Dress from Bliss Couture

From A.S.S.
A - Etienne (also has white coat and tricorn hat)
B - Oscar Shirt with Etienne Vest and Breeches
C - Farfalla Pin

Chevaliere Rings (texture changeable)

Emo-tions has plenty of great stuff out for the blokes of SL this ladies, time to drag them in and tart them up! While you are there, you can shop for yourself as well.

First up, Laylor, a sexy outfit for him. It comes with tank top and shirt, so you can wear it your way. The pants are great and have belts wrapping down the legs and hiding under the tops is a fabulous serpent tattoo. Its a great and sexy look for him.

The Kaleb Tattoo looks just as good on her as it does on him.

I am totally loving the Daniel hair!!! It's a totally hot look for any man.

If you loved the Risen hair at the Fantasy Faire, then you'll be thrilled to know that the standard colours are now available too instore at Emo-tions.

Also from the Fantasy Faire and available instore in the normal colours is Amandine.

I have just a couple of goodies to share today.

First up is a new mesh shirt from K-Code.  The Tessa shirt is rigged mesh and comes in 7 sizes and six awesome colours.  The sleeves are sculpted and have a resize menu to get just that right fit.  It looks great with jeans, a skirt or super sexy on its own with a cute pair of panties.

Tameless has a new avatar and hair release.  Bonnie is a cutie.  The avatar pack somes with the shape, skin in 4 tones, butterfly tattoo, piercing, eyes, eyelashes, hair in browns, an ao and mesh dress and boots.  It's a great starter for a friend new to SL or just if you want something different from yourself.

The Bonnie hair is also sold seperately.  This sexy bob hangs down over the right eye and curls up at the ends.  It comes with an easy resize and colour change menu built in and is just an adroable style to add to your inventory.

I'm falling behind again, so here's a quickie catch up post featuring some awesome new items from some of my fav stores.

From Glam Affair, the Leah Contessina skin can be found at The Gallery Gift Shop. It comes with light, red and dark brows, with and without hairbase. The pic on the left shows the skin you receive. On the right I added some makeup layers from GA to make my Leah the Contessina Bathory. There is also a transferable version available for you to gift to a friend or alt.

New from Emo-tions is the unisex Survivor Outfit. It comes with pants, tank top, sculpted vest, wristbands, belt, earring and face tattoo.

There is also a Survivor hair in two versions the comes with an add-on feather adornment as well as with a hairbase with and without the face tattoo. Above is Survivor 2.

Looking for some bargains, be sure to check out the discounted section at the Valhal sim store. Above is Survivor 1.

And lastly, an adorable outfit from Agnes Finney for Wear Gray. Summer Bliss has a gorgeous sculpted skirt worn with a white ruffled blouse. It's a blast of colour and style sure to brighten up your SL days.

Wear Gray has surpassed their last total already, so keep up the support for this excellent cause! Well done to all involved!

The first of a planned series of avatars, stages and poses, Tableau Vivant and Glam Affair are releasing Demons of Lava tomorrow. I cannot wait to see what is coming next!!!!

The Demoness comes with a gorgeous skin, tattoo layer lipstick and leg tattoo, an animated mesh layer of lava for her lower body, as well as the stage prop and 3 sensational couple poses. Hair from Emo-tions.

The Demon also comes with a sexy skin, mesh leg lava layer, tattoo layers for face and legs, as well as the stage and the couples poses. Hairbase from White Widow, hair from KMadd.

The stage has an animated lava layer for a touch of realism that is incredible! The mesh layers on the legs of the avatars is animated as well...making this a stunning visual masterpiece sure to impress. Pose 2 is shown above.

Above is Pose 1. But this prop is so awesome you could use any poses in here and make the stage your own! My personal fav is pose 3, but I'm not going to show it. You can check that one out yourselves.

A quicky post with more from Wear Gray! I hope you are checking this awesome event out. Its for a fabulous cause and full of so much great stuff from such wonderful designers and creators! I am only showing a quick sampling of items from the stores involved. Check it out to see the rest of their gorgeous creations and help support The American Brain Tumour Association.

American Bazaar - Glitter Top and Blueberry Skirt for the ladies and Shan Bermuda Shorts and Dope Shirt for the men!

A - A Netherworld - I Wear Gray Tshirt and Skeleton Mini Skirt (mesh)
B - Evolve - Kellie Sweatshirt and Varsity Mini (many colour options available)

Babycakes - Rosey Posey Dresses

Nzuri - Beadbox Necklace, Karen Halter Blouse and Candy Stripe Skirt

Sakide - French Spring Outfit (also comes with lingerie set - bra, panties/garters, stockings and ballet shoes) and Forever Classic Outfit (mesh pants and comes with Bicolour Platform Shoes)

Elmont - Tank Tops (mesh)

A - Bells Boutique - Black Keys Dress and Never Forget Travelling Bag
B - Blue Blood - Spring Dress

There's so much going on at the moment I am having a hard time keeping up with it all! It doesn't help that I get distracted at the drop of a butto....ooh shiny!

Here's some quick updates from a couple of hair stores that make me very very happy!

Saturday is new release day, and Emo-tions has the super sexy Elaine hair which I think is a definate must have for formal occasions, whether role play is your thing or not. It has a braid across the top and the back is gathered into a chignon at the base of the head. Tendrils falling over the face make this a gorgeous style you'll love to wear.
The headdress is from the Infinity gown set below.

And in the clothing dept of Emo-tions, a black version of a much loved gown - Infinity. There are two skirt versions, one flaring out a bit more than the other. It comes with a gorgeous belt, headdress and gloves and is just the perfect gown for role players, elves, fairies or just those who love being a princess every so often.

Now for some newness from Tameless too. Up top is Nettie, a super cute short wavy style complete with colour changeable headband. Down the bottom is Divinity, a peekaboo long bob that covers the right eyes and comes with a streak option.

All lipsticks in this post are the Beauty Killer ones from the previous Wear Gray post! I am so loving them hard right now!

Wear Gray has opened its doors and is ready and waiting for you to go and support a fabulous cause and pick up some fabulous goodies. There are Gatchas, Hunts and some fabulous items which have the proceeds of your purchase going to The American Brain Tumour Association. Here's some more goodies you can find at the event.

Glam Affair - Leah Grey Skin with three brow colours (blonde, dark, red) with and without hairbases, and 10 special makeup layer extras!

Main Pic
Beauty Killer
- Little Bad Girl Lingerie (7 colours in pack) and Sticky Kiss Glosses in 6 colours.
DCD - Hope Necklace and Earrings
Beauty Killer
- Winged Skull Tanks (Hunt Item)

Maai - Darla Dress (mesh) in Gray Stream and Roxy Corset (mesh)
Phoebe - Alexia Earrings (colour changeable)

A - Wear Gray Tee for females from T Junction and Chantal Earrings from Sigma Jewels
- Euphoria in silver from Vengeful Threads and bebe buttons (Georgia Hattie) from Larnia Kids

b[ELLE]issima - Hunt Mini Dress (2 dresses) and Velvet Trenchcoat in grey

Main Pic
e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories
- T Shirt in teal (mesh)
Silken Moon - Ballets in plum (mesh)

There's yummy newness at Tableau Vivant fresh from Mens Fashion Week 2012, and it's the best one yet!

Meet Jin, a sexy new skin for men that is just perfection. Just look at those kissable lips....

Jin is available in three gorgeous skin tones, Light, Natural and Dark. All come with blonde and dark hair versions - brows and hairbases.

Also new in store is new mesh clothing. The Long Sleeves Sweater comes in two sizes and fits most avatars, and its baggy style is great for a sexy casual look. Teamed up with the Half Pants, you have a great outfit for business or pleasure. And rawr! Fishnets on a guy - hot! I blame Frank-n-Furter for that little fetish of mine! The pants come in three colours and yes those sexy fishnets come with them!

It's less than 24yrs until Wear Gray 2012 opens to the public to help raise money for research into finding a cure for brain cancer. All money raised through the donations will be going to The American Brain Tumour Association. It's a very good cause to get behind and support! Sanura Snowpaw and Arora Zanzibar have done a wonderful job, and the response from creators and stores is fabulous. Doors open to the public at midnight on the 6th (Friday) so keep watching for the landmark which will be released then!

Sn@tch - the Sweets Corsets are adorable and a donation item. The super cute Candy Capris and Pasha Scarf Top are in the swag bag!

Somnia - Cranioiselle Tops, Criss Cross Waders (red shown) and the gatcha item, Bow Tied Leggings (blue shown)
Forsaken - Rawr! Shoes in Sour Puss and Snow Leopard (love these!)

Embody - Got Your Back pose

Elymode - Jolee Capris (part Mesh)

Zanzibar Creations - BioHazard Ring and Dragon Ear Wrap (non pierced)

I'm running a little behind in blogging this week, so time to start doing catch up posts. First up, newness from Emo-tions.

First up we have Rachel, a one colour limited edition hair that is sure to make you feel like a superstar.

The Crazy Hair Hunt is on, and here's the crazy from Emo-tions - Squirrel. It's good for those of us who are a little nuts...

The wall of gifts has been updated, so if you are in the update group, swing on in and pick up some free hair goodies. And yes guys, there are some there for you too.

But it's not just hair. There is clothing there too, so join the group and grab some goodies!!!

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